We are delighted that you are interested in Lishui University. We look forward to your coming and studying with us in our beautiful campus, which has been identified as one of the Top 5 Most Beautiful University Campuses of Zhejiang Province, China by Zhejiang Daily and Zhejiang Provincial Students’ Federation.

Here at Lishui University, we offer international students the following programs:

Long-term Chinese Language Programs

Tailor-made Chinese Language and Culture Program

Bachelor Degree Programs


Long-term Chinese Language Programs

We offer long-term Chinese language programs at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. Students are to be placed into classes based on their performance in the placement test. The semesters usually start at the end of February and in the beginning of September each year. A semester usually lasts 16 weeks, with approximately 20 classroom teaching hours each week. Assistance preparing students for Chinese language proficiency test can be offered on demand. Program-related field trips, including visits, interviews, sightseeing to local scenic regions will be arranged twice each semester.

Students who have already had Chinese learning experience and wish to join the program at any levels are acceptable at any time during the semester. A program certificate and an official transcript will be awarded.


Tailor-made Chinese Language and Culture Program

The program is specially designed for groups of international students all year round except in the second half of January and the whole month in February. The teaching arrangement, activities and tuition charge are all negotiable upon specific requirements. For tailor-made Chinese language and culture programs, we require a minimum number of 10 students at a similar level of Chinese or no previous Chinese learning experience due to budget consideration. Besides learning Chinese, a series of culture and art activities like Taiji-Chinese shadow boxing, Chinese painting, Chinese song singing, Chinese tea art, Longquan celadon pottery art, kirigami will be organized. Sightseeing trips to local scenic regions can be arranged during weekends. A program certificate and an official transcript will be awarded.


Bachelor Degree Programs

We offer a range of bachelor degree programs that international students are eligible for. As the programs are instructed in Chinese, Chinese language proficiency is required. Prospective international students applying for a place in programs of liberal arts, history, education and management should submit the transcript of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Band 5 and score at least 210 in new HSK Band 4; those intend to take programs of science, engineering, agriculture, economics, business, and medical science should submit the transcript of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Band 4 or score at least 190 in new HSK Band 4; and those for Chinese Language Program should submit the transcript of Chinese Proficiency Test( HSK) Band 3 or score at least 180 in new HSK Band 4. Those who have not yet reached the required Chinese language proficiency for any programs are also acceptable if they are willing to take Chinese language learning courses prior to their program studying.

Our bachelor degree program usually starts in early September each year and we accept international students’ application for bachelor degree programs all year round.

The bachelor degree programs offered at different faculties of our university are indicated below:

Faculty of Engineering and Design

Material Shaping and Control Engineering

Civil Engineering

Machine Design & Manufacturing and their Automation

Electronic Information Engineering, Automation

Lighting Sources and Illuminating Physics

Computer Science and Technology

Network Engineering, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Information and Computing Science


Fine Arts

Visual Transmission Design, Environmental Design

Industrial Design

Faculty of Ecology

Applied Chemistry

Chemical Engineering and Technology



Biological Science



Landscape Architecture

Faculty of Teacher Education

Preschool Education

Elementary Education

Ideological & Political Education

Science Education

Physical Education

Faculty of Business

Tourism Management

International Economics and Trade

Finance Management


International Business Administration

Rural Regional Development

Faculty for Nationalities

Chinese Language & Literature

Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language




Faculty of Medicine and Health

Nursing Science

Oral & Dental Medicine