The 7th Advanced Seminar for Young Chinese Anthropological and Ethnological Researchers Held at LSU

     The 7th Advanced Seminar for Young Chinese Anthropological and Ethnological Researchers, hosted by China Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (CUAES), was held in Lishui University (LSU) from 4 May to 9 May, 2017.

     On the opening ceremony in the morning of 4 May, Mr. ZHANG Shibao from State Ethnic Affairs Commission (SEAC) acted as the president, and Prof. Xiao Gang, president of LSU, presented the welcome speech. In his speech, after comprehensively introducing the city, the university, and especially its ethnological program, he emphasized the academic standards of this great event for exchanging and communicating ideas. Mr. HUANG Donghui, a theoretical researcher of SEAC, called on the principles of integrity, idealism, open-mindedness and dignity, which constitute the core of intellectuals and policy advisors. The talk of Prof. Zhao Jie was a touching memory of the first of these seminars held in Peking University, in which he was teaching. Other attendants include Jin Ru (deputy director, Ethnic and Religious Research Support Center of Zhejiang), Zhang Liangming (director, Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee of Lishui), Tian Qian (Professor of Southwest University, deputy director of CUAES) and Liu Qian (Professor of Renmin University, deputy director of CUAES).

     The seminar included eight lectures, covering a wide range of hot and difficult issues, such as B&R Initiative, the influence of ethnical cultures, new orientations of anthropology and the scattered situation of ethnical groups. The lecturers, including HUANG Donghui, ZHAO Jie, TIAN Qian, Naran Bilik (Fudan University), LIU Qian, ZHUANG Kongshao (Zhejiang University), XU Xianlong (South-Central University for Nationalities) and ZHANG Jijiao (The Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, CASS), demonstrated superior excellent standards and encompassing scope of studies through their systematic, thorough and resourceful discussions and instructions, making this event a delightful and intellectually challenging experience for all those attended.

     The event came to an end on the afternoon of 9 May, when ZHANG Lijia from SEAC and ZHANG Jijiao showed up. ZHANG Jijiao, as deputy secretary-in-chief of CUAES, offered insightful comments about this event as well as the discipline in general. The closing ceremony was chaired by Prof. HUANG Yuanshan, the leader of the ethnological program of LSU and ZHENG Chunkui, dean of College for Nationalities (Minzu), presented the closing speech on the   part of LSU, the organizer of this event.

     Recently, our ethnological program has been designated as a provincial characteristic specialty. Against this background, this seminar poses a great opportunity to the program, as well as the college.