Prof. Frank Wilczek, Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics, Visits LSU

     Prof. Frank Wilczek, MIT professor of physics, famous theoretical physicist and 2004 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics, was invited to visit Lishui University on November 4.

     Prof. Wilczek and his wife Betsy Wilczek first attended Science and Art: a Dialogue Concerning Celadon in Students Affairs Center in the morning. During the activity, Prof. Wilczek, together with representatives of local masters and university artists of Longquan Celadon, brought the audience a high-level dialogue between science and art and exhibited fascination of traditional art and modern science when integrated. In addition, Prof. Wilczek answered all the questions raised by students on the scene and encouraged them to make reasonable study plan and put what they have learned into practice. 

     During his visit, Prof. Wilczek also accepted an offer from the university and took the position of honorary professor. At the Certificate Presentation Ceremony, Prof. Wilczek received his certificate from President XIAO Gang and became the first Nobel Prize Laureate working at Lishui University.

     After the ceremony, Prof. Frank Wilczek gave a public lecture entitled Geometric Fantasy to LSU teachers and students, representatives of Lishui high school students and some Lishui citizens.

     Prof. XIAO Gang, president of LSU, Prof. YE Huasong, LSU Party committee member and minister of propaganda department, and director of international cooperation and exchange office also attended activities.