XIAO Gang Heads LSU Delegation to U.S.A. and Canada

     During Aug. 21st to 28th, XIAO Gang, president of Lishui University headed a delegation to U.S.A. and Canada on ceramics. They successively visited universities like Harvard, MIT, NYS College of Ceramics at Alfred University, U.S.A. and Centennial College, Canada.

     With the company of Guangzhen “Po” Zhou, representative for China at International Academy of Ceramics, Prof. Shawn Panepinto, director of the studio and Prof. Nacy Selvage, ex-leader of Harvard ceramic curriculum, the delegation visited its creative space and saw layout, function, and renovation of facilities at Ceramic Studio of Harvard University. Meanwhile, they also got information on its advanced technology and facilities for treatment of waste gas, dust and leftover clay during creation of ceramic works and knew about daily operation and management of the studio.

     At MIT, the delegation visited Frank Wilczek, MIT professor of physics, famous theoretical physicist and winner of 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics. During the visit, Prof. XIAO Gang sincerely invited Prof. Wilczek to visit Lishui University this October and discussed the specific timing and arrangement of the visit with him. Then, at the invitation of Prof. Wilczek, the delegation attended an academic dinner and communicated with Latin American Science Clubs, an organization consisting of Harvard and MIT doctors of relevant scientific disciplines.

     In addition, Prof. Wilczek also arranged the delegation to visit the ceramics and glass materials laboratory of MIT. With Prof. Linn Hobbs, ex-director of MIT ceramics and glass materials laboratory, they discussed ideas and mode of undergraduate education and discipline culture construction of university during the visit. Meanwhile, Prof. LI Desheng, vice dean of Chinese Celadon Faculty, LSU also introduced history and culture of Longquan celadon and LSU’s effort on collaboration and innovation of Longquan celadon at the academic dinner afterwards.

     Accompanied by Donald Wayne Higby, honorary vice chairman of International Academy of Ceramics and senior professor of Ceramics College at Alfred University, the delegation also visited NYS College of Ceramics at Alfred University and knew about history of celadon art at Alfred, listened to Prof. Higby’s introduction to education pattern of ceramic undergraduates and its course designing, and appreciated Earth Cloud, a celadon work by Prof. Higby.

     After visiting universities in U.S.A., the delegation also visited Centennial College in Toronto, Canada. They learned the university’s advanced practice in internationalization of higher education, as well as operation and management of its international education office.
     During this ceramics-themed visit, celadon works by Prof. ZHANG Jianping, chief expert of 2011 Collaboration and Innovation Center for Longquan Celadon, Zhejiang Province, were collected permanently by Ceramic Studio of Harvard University and NYS College of Ceramics at Alfred University.
     Directors of International Cooperation & Exchange Office, Discipline Construction and Postgraduate Education Office and Faculty of Chinese Celadon accompanied President XIAO during the tour.